Fighting with Web Standards and the Scrollbar Fiasco

It has been a while. About a month, precisely, although you can see that I've still been alive due to the new posts on my music list. I hope you didn't think I had abandoned you yet.

And as I have done before and will certainly do again, I've got a backlog of posts to spam, that will probably come out over the next couple of days, on various subjects. (For example, the fact that I am writing this post in my own crude markup language, rather than plain HTML).

But first and foremost, to the most immediate change, and in reference to the title of this article. I've been having a back-and-forth with Qorg in regards to this - I like my website without a scrollbar.

A while back it was brought to my attention that this doesn't work with Pale Moon browser - it isn't entirely up-to-date with its CSS seemingly, and if I hide the scrollbar, it is impossible to scroll. I initially thought I had resolved this, although the fix was rather crude, relying purely on the user-agent.

Eventually I needed to create a solution that would work for those that use Pale Moon, but understandably (for privacy, and to avoid dealing those such as Cloudflare) spoof their user-agent. They would not be able to browse my site. And any browsers I did not know of that had the same issue, would also not be able to browse my site. And what if you just preferred to browse with the scrollbar?

So, I have now created the option to browse with a scrollbar, dependant on a single first-party cookie. See the change here. You can visit this page begin using this site with a scrollbar. I personally don't prefer it, but it's not a bad thing for people to have the choice.

That's all for now, more soon.

2020.11.06 21:20 GMT

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