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It's been a while. I thought, rather than create a post for every litte thing, it would be better of me to return each time I had done something of substance, however infrequent that would end up becoming.

So, I made an imageboard

Yes, the title of this article already alludes to what a futile exercise this typically is. Normally this isn't the kind of thing I would have considered doing. I fact, I was just looking for somewhere to talk to my friends, as a collective community, that would make sharing content easy. And of course, without relying on closed-source software or someone else's server.

And in exploring various options such as Mumble, or Tox, options that were federated, distributed, or entirely self-hosted - none of them offered enough features to convince people to move from closed-source platforms. Connecting was more complex, sharing content was more complex, message history was unreachable, and often many of these open-source instant messengers fell short of a key point I was looking for - the idea of a "community". Not messaging one person as an individual, or simply creating a group chat, but actually having a community.

Of course, that's not to say any of the projects I have mentioned are not worthwhile. They have their own merits, and should be promoted as such that more developers work on them, and they are added to, improved upon, and refined. For the use of free, ethical software, that's necessary. But for my use-case, they were not yet enough. And it was at that point that I realised, an imageboard can be open-source, self-hosted, platform-agnostic, and is streamlined for communicating and sharing content.

I won't go into the nitty-gritty of how it was made, as vichan exists, and is documented. Despite complaints of it lacking features or being dated, I've found it to be a somewhat smooth process to work with, most things aside from one or two exceptions have worked as-is without incident.

The point of all this

I'm not seriously intending to 'make it big', or challenge larger, more popular imageboards for their positions. It exists largely for the benefit of me and a few of my close friends, having a pleasant time. But, if you'd like to spectate or join in, you're welcome to.


2021.03.21Article Page
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