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Minetest Server

I have a Minetest server, and regardless of how many or few play it - likely the latter - I'll keep supporting it for as long as I am physically able. It includes a survival and a creative world, and a fairly extensive collection of mods.

Read 'How to Join' if you just want to get going.

For those more interested, read 'About'.

If you want to use the files yourself, read 'Download'.

How to Join

Download Minetest - it may already be available in your package manager, otherwise, see here.


Don't break or steal from people's buildings. No random killings unless both players want to fight. These exist to make playing more pleasant for everyone, and if you join it's assumed you've agreed to this premise. Use my contact for problems.

It isn't so much a rule as a recommendation - try to keep your own buildings at least a diameter away from each other. Breathing room is nice.


Can't Connect?



Why Minetest over Minecraft?

Minetest is entirely free and open-source, so an argument for it is one of principles. Minetest does also come with some technical advantages, in that the engine is written in C++ rather than Java, making it more suitable for lower end machines. Also being free, it's easy to recruit people to try it.

However, Minetest is also not trying to become Minecraft. There is a distinct difference in design philosophy - the latter is a monolith playable in its 'vanilla' state, whereas the former explicitly exists 'as an engine', and most of the playable functionality is provided by mods, written in Lua. There are many more differences in gameplay mechanics, objectives, and so on.

Why bother with this as opposed to any other Minetest server?

Because my friends and I have played it to death, and thus been able to thoroughly tweak and play-test a very extensive mod collection. Everything cooperates well, any existing bugs should be small and hard to come by.

A rough overview of some of the more interesting mods:


You can also try out the collection I've created on your own worlds or servers.

Name Download
Minetest v5.4.1 Mod Collection [minetest-v541.7z] - 21 MB


Set-up Recommendations

In reference to 'mods/', you should disable the default mods 'mtg_craftguide', and 'weather', which are redundant/conflict with existing mods. If you install the 'minetest-server' package through the package manager on a normal GNU/Linux system, you should find the mods within /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/. It is as simple as moving them out of the directory, for example:

[ $EUID -ne 0 ] && echo This script must be run as root. && exit 1
[ ! -d /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods ] && mkdir /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/
mv /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/mtg_craftguide/ /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/
mv /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/weather/ /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/

I recommend emptying any existing .minetest/ directory (the directory is created on first running 'minetestserver', you don't need to run it yet) before running this, but it may still work anyway. Run the below to get started quickly (presumes you've installed 'p7zip'):

curl -O
[ ! -d $HOME/.minetest ] && mkdir $HOME/.minetest
7z x -o$HOME/.minetest minetest-v541.7z
[ ! -d $HOME/.minetest/worlds/survival ] && mkdir $HOME/.minetest/worlds/survival/
[ ! -d $HOME/.minetest/worlds/creative ] && mkdir $HOME/.minetest/worlds/creative/
cp .minetest/ .minetest/worlds/survival/
cp .minetest/ .minetest/worlds/creative/

You could then just run 'minetestserver' in a shell, or in a tmux session, but generally I'd recommend you put it in an init system service file. For example, this would start a survival world with systemd (change 'user' and directories to match system):

Description=Start Minetest Survival World

ExecStart=sudo -u user /usr/bin/minetestserver --port 30001 --world /home/user/.minetest/worlds/survival/ --config /home/user/.minetest/minetestsurvival.conf --logfile /home/user/.minetest/debug_survival.txt


For creative, the ExecStart line would be:

ExecStart=sudo -u user /usr/bin/minetestserver --port 30002 --world /home/user/.minetest/worlds/creative/ --config /home/user/.minetest/minetestcreative.conf --logfile /home/user/.minetest/debug_creative.txt

Again using systemd, you can flush and regenerate world data until you see what you like with the below (assumes user name 'user', and the names of your service files):

[ $EUID -ne 0 ] && echo This script must be run as root. && exit 1
systemctl stop minetestcreative
systemctl stop minetestsurvival
sudo -u user rm -rf ${MDIR}worlds/*
sudo -u user mkdir ${MDIR}worlds/creative/
sudo -u user mkdir ${MDIR}worlds/survival/
sudo -u user cp ${MDIR} ${MDIR}worlds/survival/
sudo -u user cp ${MDIR} ${MDIR}worlds/creative/
systemctl start minetestcreative
systemctl start minetestsurvival

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