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Welcome to my abode.

I can often be found in my natural habitat: doing things at the computer. I would do these regardless of who is watching, but there's no reason not to share what I do, and I find in doing so I'm more motivated to pursue them. The content of this site and the way it is presented is as honest a representation of myself I can give, which on any other platform would be inhibited. Small, personal sites convey the passions of their author, which I appreciate seeing, and in part inspired me to create my own digital realm.

This site's main code is a few hundred kilobytes, and you can see for yourself if you like. It does not use JavaScript (just to prove a point). It will work fine on text-based browsers.

I've had this place since April 2020, and live on the internet as of July 2020. I've accidentally deleted everything once before, I've moved everything from one SD card to another, and I've had two servers die on me. Thus far it's never been down for more than a few days.

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About Me

"Nixx" doesn't mean anything in particular. It has been an online handle I've been unable to escape for years, for all intents and purposes while online my real name is Nixx (or Nix, or Nyx, if you prefer, it's all the same).

I'm almost entirely self-taught in everything software, and it's been a long-standing pursuit of mine. But I do - believe it or not - have other interests, most recently spending my time on technical drawing, learning languages (both the spoken and the programming kind), and playing guitar. I like astronomy. I consume a lot of anime and manga but that hardly counts, does it?


My Technology

My main machine is a ThinkPad X200, as a personal challenge I intend to keep it for as long as possible in working condition. I keep much of my user environment text-based, and I tend to script and program many things to work around me, rather than I work around them. I use Arch Linux as it's the most stable distribution of Linux I've familiarised myself with, and on any heavier operating system I tend to find myself ripping out all but the basics on a fresh install.

The hardware of this server started from humble beginnings and has gone through several iterations, but currently consists of a Raspberry Pi 4 and a 64 GB microSD card.

A flashy oscilloscope just because it looks nice

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