Welcome to my digital realm. This website has no innate purpose or intention, but self-expression makes life mildly more tolerable. I have varied interests and try to keep fairly busy, and it would be a waste not to share some things.

I dislike many paradigms of modern web design, and thus have tried to make my website antithetical to them. A limited palette and fewer resources can still be aesthetically pleasing and equally functional.

The navigation to the left (alternatively on small screens or text-based browsers, above) contains my various things. Check them out, or don't, I'm not your boss.

About Me

My name is Nixx. It has no special meaning, many know me by it and it has stuck. I have been often identified in my natural habitat, at a computer. Some theorise if the computer was removed I'd die, but in actuality it would only be extremely painful. I have other pursuits, but you don't need to hear me talk about myself that much.