The Website:

It has no particular purpose, serving as a personal brain dump for whatever I think is worth sharing. I won't bother regurgitating low quality rambles, nor copy others' opinions verbatim, so the site may slow to a crawl at my discretion. It's not dead, just resting.

I believe the simplest solution is almost always the best by principle, and this notion is influenced by being terminally lazy. As such the design of this site and its subdomains are almost as simple as possible. I've heard it reffered to as 'brutalist web design'.

I host some other services worth checking out:

The Meatbag:

My name is Nixx. It's stuck for years and if I try to change it everyone whines. I'm a dangerous idiot behind a screen that managed to hack out a website. Some theorise if the computer was removed I would die, but it would only be extremely painful.

I have various interests, but you don't need to hear me talk about myself that much. I hope this place makes them self-evident. I'm still trying to figure out what I am too.