The Website:

It has no specific purpose in being here, but nonetheless it is. I write about whatever I'm doing or is interesting me, that may have value to someone other than myself. New material may slow to a crawl at my own discretion, but the website isn't dead, just resting.

Aside from just rambles, this website also serves to promote various services and projects, such as:

I've tried to keep the design of this website, and my other subdomains, as straight and to the point as possible - as a principle I believe simple solutions are almost always better. There are no scripts or APIs to be seen here. I've heard it referred to as 'brutalist web design'.

The Meatbag:

My name is nixx (alternatively: nix, nyx) - capital letters at your leisure. It means nothing, at any point in the past few years I've tried to change it everyone whines. Some theorise if the computer was removed I would die, but it would only be extremely painful.

I have various interests, but you don't need to hear me talk about myself that much. I hope the website makes them self-evident. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out what I am as well.