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E-mail Address



Please consider using encryption over e-mail when possible. With encryption, e-mail is by far the most secure way of communicating with me.

Another means of contact:

I'm regularly on my IRC server during GMT afternoons and evenings.


Any raw code I post directly onto this site (the code is visible and does not need to be opened with an external editor, to be viewed plainly on any page hosted on this domain)[1], or any raw code as supplied in the Git repositories of[2], is supplied as-is and without any warranty. The code is completely free for anyone to use, share, and modify as they wish *1 - this also applies to the hosted Git repositories *2 in as much as it is compatible with the repository's individual license, however no guarantees of fitness for use are provided with any of the code that meets the aforementioned criteria of *1 or *2.

Any images or animations on this site either belong to and have been created entirely by me or have been personally edited by me[3], unless stated otherwise on the same page as the image or animation[4]. You are welcome to share anything I create *3 freely, but giving me credit as author for the work as-is (rather than simply giving no information about ownership) is appreciated. If you are the owner to any art, images, or animations I have shared *4, or are the owner of the original work I have edited *3 and would like me to remove them, please get in touch.

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