Lainchan Webring Banners

Here are some other sites on the (unofficial) Lainchan webring:

Clearnet https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/


http://cgjzkysxa4ru5rhrtr6rafckhexbisbtxwg2fg743cjumioysmirhdad.onion/ http://ic3333h2g3p7ffv6ypscxfvgomi2oj7x45xkqzpay6txjl2nlg5qwcid.onion/ http://lainwir3s4y5r7mqm3kurzpljyf77vty2hrrfkps6wm4nnnqzest4lqd.onion/ http://killnod2s77o3axkktdu52aqmmy4acisz2gicbhjm4xbvxa2zfftteyd.onion/ http://meynethaffeecapsvfphrcnfrx44w2nskgls2juwitibvqctk2plvhqd.onion/ http://y5wnzw4e6i7srm2gqadlow5anhlaj5avdkzbwzbmrxwkygxdp7ffieqd.onion/ http://ebca2srjjopvpopuypgn34wdnbj4ohwm7e5dbw5m5srv3nxpxzrdd4qd.onion/ http://swissbaync5d7ykaz7dh7v4qjrb4gmen5aj3bogxrcgbb43ij34bjuyd.onion/pdf/ http://lh22ochx45fpimdekzbx6mh5h5fzoxcp3gyw7qhbv43m3guep54gurad.onion/ http://ubnm4kfxmjglxh2zrlunbxubg3knzr6wumixzkl5xmkc7h5oho4lx4qd.onion/ http://x3zf5cyqvutslx6yfdwip3nb2xo4kaevhk6bbeas74ky7cvgr36bf6yd.onion/ http://23xyglk2g4y2fdtrpm4wo3rvrq2gt2ar7f3pyyt7ikeywdq5kpbheuyd.onion/ http://blapi36sowfyuwzp4ag24xb3d4zdrzgtafez3g3lkp2rj4ho7lxhceid.onion/


For those who have vanished for a significant period of time - they may eventually resurface. http://wh3zlpmhtec4odnskihkbjbqixw45jkkgsk5c2mh6j3qhrdggocnbbad.onion/ http://osirianwgeyfnshykr5gfvompz7iocvlknjucmmroqzdd7w6sarq2mqd.onion/

My Banner


My Relation to the Ring and My Criteria

The sites on the webring are not my own, I generally don't have a say in their development or content, and they may not necessarily reflect my views. Likewise, the webring does not belong to me either, this site just participates. The ring is decentralised - I keep my own copy. I very occasionally choose to exclude a site, for reasons such as:

Other webmasters may have included sites I've excluded, at their own discretion.

For the Interest of Other Webmasters

My webring.php script (see documentation here) can be used to set up a panel to navigate the ring. The webring.csv file (again, see documentation) can be easily manipulated with a script to generate a webring page.

The sites_up.txt file contains a record of how many nights a site has appeared to be down, which can be useful for pruning. It is generated from a script (documentation), nightly.

The banner images are listed on an open directory, which you can freely browse. The directory 'dead/' contains (seemingly) dead sites, 'old/' older versions of banners, and 'unused/' keeps record of sites I've for some reason excluded.