Minetest Server (and Files)

How to Join

Download Minetest - on a Unix-like it's probably in your package manager.

There are no rules, I don't really have the time or patience to rigourously enforce them. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and get away from spawn. It's usually quiet, so don't expect to play with others unless you arrange to do so yourself.

If you just want to get playing you can probably ignore the rest of this page. Otherwise, read on:

Why Minetest?

Minetest is free and open-source, so the more principled may be drawn to it. Additionally, being free, it's easy to get people to try it. The engine is written in C++ rather than Java, which typically uses less resources and thus is better suited for low-end machines.

Why This Particular Server?

I've played it to death alone and with others, and thus I've had the chance to add an extensive collection of mods, with a comfortable balance between detail and running light. The vast majority of problems should have been already ironed out.

Examples of some additions:

Mod Download

You can download the full collection of mods here to try out on your own worlds:

Name Download
Minetest Logo Minetest Mod Collection [minetest-v550.7z] - 20,574 KB

Mod Download - Set Up

Underneath the mods/ and textures/server/ directories, there are files named '' which describe any alterations I've made to the original mods/texture packs.

You should disable the default mods 'mtg_craftguide' and 'weather', which conflict with existing mods. They can be disabled by removing them from the directory - if you installed minetestserver through the package manager, this will be under /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/ or similar:

# mkdir /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/
# mv /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/mtg_craftguide/ /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/
# mv /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/mods/weather/ /usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/unused_mods/

Run the below script to download and set up the files (warning: this will purge any existing ~/.minetest/ directory):

curl -O
rm -rf ~/.minetest/
mkdir ~/.minetest/
7z x -o$HOME/.minetest minetest-v541.7z
rm -f minetest-v541.7z
mkdir ~/.minetest/worlds/
mkdir ~/.minetest/worlds/survival/
mkdir ~/.minetest/worlds/creative/
cp ~/.minetest/ ~/.minetest/worlds/survival/
cp ~/.minetest/ ~/.minetest/worlds/creative/

I'd generally recommend putting minetestserver command in an init system service file. Here's an example for systemd (remember to replace 'user' with the name of your standard user):

Description=Start Minetest World

ExecStart=sudo -u user /usr/bin/minetestserver --port 30001 --world /home/user/.minetest/worlds/survival/ --config /home/user/.minetest/minetestsurvival.conf --logfile /home/user/.minetest/debug_survival.txt


For the creative world, the ExecStart line would be:

ExecStart=sudo -u user /usr/bin/minetestserver --port 30002 --world /home/user/.minetest/worlds/creative/ --config /home/user/.minetest/minetestcreative.conf --logfile /home/user/.minetest/debug_creative.txt

The Spawn I've Just Generated is Crap

Run the script below to continually flush and regenerate world data, until you see something you like (again, be mindful of 'user'):

[ $EUID -ne 0 ] && echo This script must be run as root. && exit 1
systemctl stop minetestcreative
systemctl stop minetestsurvival
sudo -u user rm -rf /home/user/.minetest/worlds/*
sudo -u user mkdir /home/user/.minetest/worlds/creative/
sudo -u user mkdir /home/user/.minetest/worlds/survival/
sudo -u user cp /home/user/.minetest/ /home/user/.minetest/worlds/survival/
sudo -u user cp /home/user/.minetest/ /home/user/.minetest/worlds/creative/
systemctl start minetestcreative
systemctl start minetestsurvival